Orchestre Toubab

Orchestre Toubab was founded in 2010. It is an acoustic afrotropical jazz quartet. The name of the band is a reference to the mythical ‘Orchestre Baobab’, a legendary senegalese band. “Toubab” is also the name by which the Senegalese refer to the Europeans. The name of the band thus clearly depicts the musical identity of the group which gets a large part of it’s inspiration from the music of western Africa.

Orchestre Toubab plays original compositions by Robert Falk, half-way between jazz and world-music.
Instruments are nylon guitar, violin, double-bass and percussions.

Their first CD Tukki Janeer takes us along an imaginary voyage. The opening track, ‘Fuuta Blues’ teleports us immediately on the banks of the Senegal river where the Tukuleur people are living. The voyage then continues in Brazil, Congo and even further into a mythical Phrygia with a few stops along the way in blues and progressive jazz.

Their second CD Teeru Deggoo  has been released in march 2018 . It adds more stops to this journey through afro-descendent styles : a warba from Burkina Faso, rhythms from Rwanda with Andine flavoured melodies , a jazzy reggae, a tango which is a tribute to the late Gato Barbieri, a soukous-sebene track, etc.

Orchestre Toubab plays festive music with a strong African influence, with beautiful themes and inspired improvisations that can even sometimes become crazy ! The jazz approach allows us to constantly re-invent our music depending on our moment’s inspiration and the interaction with the audience.

Orchestre Toubab’s consciously eclectic repertoire is a reminder of how the multiple musical cultures of the world can interconnect and benefit from each other.


Robert Falk : Accoustic Guitar
Benoit Leseure : Violin
Alessio Campanozzi : Double Bass or Gilles Daems 5-string electric bass.
Gauthier Lisein : Percussion

Aida Dao : Special guest (vocals, percussions)


Our first CD is available on Bandcamp : (click on the thread)

Tukki Janeer