Toubab invites

In 2015 and 2016 Orchestre Toubab has invited some Senegalese musicians to join it for a part of it’s set. This brings new sounds and rhythms to the band.

This combination is very well appreciated by the public who likes the added authenticity to the band’s repertoire but also a renewal of the classical traditional structures of west-african music.

We have invited so far Malick Pathé Sow (vocals, hoddu, guitar) and Bao Sissoko (kora, vocals).

Due to various issues, Bao’s tracks unfortunatly won’t be featured on our new CD.

Bao Sissoko

We have recorded three tracks with Bao. They are all inspired by traditional accompaniments or songs but have been extensively reworked and rewritten. This includes new melodic lines, new chords and new arrangements. The titles have been slightly changed from the originals in order to highlight this rewriting.



This track is a creation based on the traditional ‘Lamba’ accompaniment. It is quite a complicated song with the theme laid out by the guitar and the violin, followed by guitar and kora solos. Gauthier has built a cross-border rhythm pattern with bits from Congo and bits from Cuba.


This is an extensive rewriting of the tune ‘Alal’ by Bao which is in the general mood of nthe kora ballads of West Africa. The “E” stands for extended. I added a melodical development to the original theme which was very short. Bao plays a very delicate solo here.


It is a variation on the traditional Mandingo song ‘Sanou’. The singing only starts late in the track and is a nice contrast to the intricate melodic lines of the beginning. The track then moves on to a more rhythmical part, which is nice for sabar breaks.